Air Conditioning Capacitors

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Have you ever wondered, what makes your AC/Aircon run and convert the hot atmosphere of your room into a cool and pleasing one? It is a Capacitor.

Among all the components of your AC, jumbled with the mass of wires, one of the most significant of the entire HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is the AC or Aircon Capacitor. This element of your aircon is the most constantly replaced part and causes the entire HVAC system to break down if not taken care of. Keep reading to learn about the functions of capacitors, why they’re necessary and how can you identify if yours go on a fritz.

What’s a Capacitor?

A Capacitor is a large, spherical device composed of two operators separated by insulating material designed within the outdoor condensing unit of the AC. There are different types of capacitors with the same functions like AC capacitors and Fan capacitors. Now, let’s move toward the functions of the capacitors.

What are the functions of an AC Capacitor?

Starting up an AC requires great energy; this is where the capacitors come into real play by furnishing energy to the HVAC system when the aircon is switched on. It stores electricity in the form of electrons and sends it to your HVAC system’s motors with great influence to give it a quick launch in no time. The capacitance of capacitors allows your HVAC system to maintain a constant charge right from the launch till the time when your AC unit maintains a cool run. Every time the one cycle completes, the capacitors start performing their part over again with the same energy.

Why is a Capacitor necessary?

Although your AC is connected to the electrical system of your house, it requires a stronger boost to work effectively and efficiently. The reason is, that air conditioners are high-powered machines that bear a huge quantum of energy to achieve their intended purpose, and your home’s wiring only doesn’t give enough energy to get the job done. This is where the capacitors perform their emphatic job and kickstart the HVAC system of your aircon to keep your apartments cool and affable.

Start Capacitors and Run Capacitors: Are they different?

Depending on how your aircon is erected, there may be two single capacitors or one Dual capacitor.

In two single capacitors, both the Start capacitor and the Run capacitor play their role. When your AC unit is turned on, the Start capacitor provides energy to the HVAC system needed to start the cooling cycle. After the initial jolt to your AC unit, the Start capacitors’ part is done. Then comes the Run capacitor, which stores energy and delivers it to keep the HVAC system to make it run duly and your AC blowing.

The Dual capacitor performs the job of both the Start capacitor and the Run capacitor at a single place right from the launch-up of your unit to keep it running easily. It saves space in your HVAC system and is more accessible for HVAC technicians to replace.

When to communicate with the HVAC Technician?

AC capacitors are more likely to malfunction in the summer season due to their reduced operation. But in the winter season also, they can manifest some signs that let you know when to communicate with your HVAC technician to get the AC capacitors replaced. The signs of bad AC Capacitors are as follows:

 ● Your AC takes time to begin a cooling cycle or just won’t start at all.

 ● Your AC is emitting a humming noise during operation.

 ● You notice a burning smell coming from your unit.

 ● Your energy bills are unreasonably high.

 ● Your AC aimlessly shuts off on its own.

 ● You can’t feel any cold air in your home while your AC’s running.

The above-mentioned signs may vary, but the consequences caused may not. Let us find out the best service providers of AC Capacitors.

Fast Service for Blown AC Capacitors in Qatar

If you’re someone facing the above-mentioned signs in your AC unit at your home or office then your AC needs the immediate attention of an HVAC technician. He’ll help you through the repairing or relief of the capacitors and can prevent the further loss of your AC. Along with causing major damage to your AC, it may also cause your AC to throw an unforeseen short circuit causing damage to your entire electrical system or may put your life at stake.

Don’t wait for your capacitors to become worse, observe the signs and book your AC service with us at Khawarizmi!

We are just a message or call away. Contact us today!

Published on 13 September 2022

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